How do I organize my deep drawers?

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As long as you use your imagination, you can arrange your drawers however you want. Don’t be afraid to put different things in the same drawer to get the most out of the space you have.

Do you have a lot of deep drawers in your kitchen that take up all the space? Almost everyone has trouble with this! Storage designers have come up with a huge number of ways to use these huge drawers. If you can’t take the mess and wasted space any longer, put those drawers back in order right away. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the different ways that containers, dividers, and organization methods can be used and given our thoughts on them.

If you asked an organized person how they felt about deep drawers, they might wince, sigh, or start their answer with “Well, it depends…” Deep drawers can be useful in some situations, so we can’t say we don’t like them, but most organizers don’t like them because they waste space.

If there is anything, I talk a lot on this blog about how to organize drawers. I’ve moved eight times and had to clean out a lot of drawers. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying out different solutions. Even though it can be fun to find or make the perfect dividers for a drawer, I find myself turning more and more to my favorite “secret” for organizing drawers. It works in any size, shape, or location in the house. This “technique” is not only quick and easy, but it also uses things you may already have. I’ll show you how to use this simple but effective method to organize any drawer in your home.

Stop trying to find drawer organizers that fit your drawers perfectly. Instead, make your own drawer dividers out of small boxes, bins, and baskets you can buy off the shelf. You might need to look around your house for things you already have. You might even have to go to the Dollar Spot or Dollar Store near you. But if you have a lot of different containers, you can “Tetris” your way to a lot of organization in any drawer.

If my drawers were well-organized, I would have seen right away that my most-used spatula wasn’t where it was usually kept. If I had wanted to keep my eggs runny, I would have thought about the dishes much sooner. We made this guide to organizing deep kitchen drawers so you don’t end up like we did.

What are the pros of having deep drawers in the kitchen?

A deep kitchen drawer organizer is also helpful because you can store more than just spoons, forks, and other dinnerware in it. You can also store long tools there. Since you’ll have more room, you’ll be able to store more things that are easy to get to without having to dig as far.

How do you store pots and pans in a deep drawer?

If you keep your pots and pans in a big drawer, don’t let the lids take up too much room. Put a tension rod near the front of the drawer, and then slide the lids vertically between the rod and the drawer. They won’t get in your way while you look for the right cooking tools.

What should I put in the drawers in my kitchen?

Larger items like pots, pans, and dishes, as well as electrical kitchen tools like blenders and smoothie makers, fit best in deeper drawers. You can save space by putting baking trays, cutting boards, and casserole plates vertically between dividers.

Where in the kitchen should the cutlery drawer go?

Tools and spices for cooking She suggests putting your spatula, slotted spoons, and tongs in the drawer to the right of the stove if you cook with your right hand.

How am I free to set up my pots and pans?

A pegboard liner is a great way to get around the problem. The dowels are easy to move, so you can, for example, move casserole dishes away from frying pans. This is a great way to keep things in order. When setting up deep pantry shelves, make room for pots and pans that you don’t use very often.

How deep do pots and pans need to be for kitchen drawers?

Most pots and pans are kept in three drawers, with two at the bottom that are 10″ high and one at the top that is 4″ high. Most of the time, utensils and cutlery go in the shallow top drawer, while pots and pans go in the deep drawers.

How deep can kitchen drawers go?

The size of your kitchen cabinets and the depth of your drawers go hand in hand. Drawers in lower cabinets can be anywhere from 17 to 23 inches deep, while drawers in higher cabinets can start at 12 inches.

How do you put books on deep shelves?

Put them on the shelf vertically, or put some horizontally on top of their new friends who are on the shelf vertically. You can use your shelves as a base. If the bookcases are full, you can stack books next to them and use the bookcases as support.

What does that spot next to the stove hold?

Oils, vinegar, and alcohol are used to cook. Oils, vinegar, and booze that come in glass bottles will fit well in these cabinets. They can keep cooking oil right here, so it’s easy to get to while they’re using the stove.

What do you keep in the upper cabinets in your kitchen?

Top kitchen cabinets are often used to store plates, glasses, and other dishes, but they can also be used as a small pantry or to store spices, mixing bowls, and small appliances.

What should go on the highest shelf in the pantry?

The top shelf of the cupboard is where you should put napkins and paper plates. Boxed foods like pasta, cereal, and crackers should be put together with other foods that are similar and stored under them. After that, you’ll find your flour, cooking oils, and other frequently used goods.

How should I organize my kitchen?

Move things around so you can find what you need faster: Dishes and silverware should be near the sink, while spices and cooking tools (like a pan or rubber spatula) should be near the stove. Put cutting boards and knives near the area where the food will be prepared. Sugar, flour, rolling pins, cookie sheets, and a stand mixer should always be on hand.

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