How do you organize a basic closet?

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As a professional organizer, Elizabeth Larkin is very interested in efficiency, time management, and making processes work better. She wrote articles that helped people clean, organize, and get rid of clutter. She did this by using her organizational skills and efficiency.

No matter how big or small your closet is, you probably feel like there isn’t enough space for all of your things. On the other hand, keeping a closet organized isn’t as hard as it might seem, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a built-in system.

Getting your bedroom closet in order is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you can do for your home. When you organize a utility closet, linen closet, or pantry, you have to get rid of and sort things like cleaning supplies, towels, and nonperishable foods. However, many of us have strong feelings about our clothes, shoes, and accessories because they remind us of good times. If you keep things you no longer wear and keep adding to your closet, it might be hard to find the pieces you really love and feel great in every day.

Clean and well-organized closets are the best: Your morning routine is easier, and the extra space gives you a reason to add more clothes to your closet (or at least reimagine it with new combinations now that you can actually see everything clearly). And it all starts with a good design plan or smart use of the space you already have. So if you want to make the most of your space, you’re in the right place! We worked with Straighten Up’s talented organizer, Janelle Cohen, to make a video tutorial with clear instructions, advice that focuses on the details, and a wide range of visual aids. We got 40 closet design and organization ideas from designers, so there’s something for every style and budget. Prepare, set, and prepare.

Never again will you have to worry about keeping your closet in order. With our clear, step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to get your closet in order for good (which includes images). If you’re like us, you’ve probably cleaned and organized your bedroom closet many times over the years, but every few months it still looks like a bull tore through it.

Experts say that a clean and well-organized closet can give you peace of mind and save you both time and money. But we often stuff our closets with clothes that don’t fit right, old sheets, tax records, and other things we want to hide.

How should I organize my closet to get the most out of it?

First, go through your closet and sort your clothes into piles. Take small amounts of everything out of the closet. After you’re done with the things in the drawers, move on to the things that are strung up first. Most of the time, things that are loved and used end up in the “keep” pile.

What should be in each of a dresser’s drawers?

Sweaters and pants should go in a deeper drawer, which is usually at the bottom of the dresser. Underwear, socks, jewelry, and other small, light items should go in a shallow drawer, which is usually near the top of the dresser. Keep the peace.

What goes in the closet and the dresser?

Put the clothes back where they belong. Skirts, dresses, coats, shirts with buttons down the front, and jeans should all be hung. Fold your T-shirts and store them with your pajamas, sweaters, yoga clothes, and underwear in drawers, shelves, or containers.

What does a chest of drawers hold?

Folded clothes take up more space than clothes on hangers, but socks, underwear, accessories, pajamas, and t-shirts fit perfectly in drawers. During the off-season, sweaters, pants, button-down shirts, and blouses should be put away in the closet or another place.

Color or style is better for organizing a closet?

Organizing your closet by color will not only make it look more put together, but it will also show you where you have the most, least, or too many of the same things.

How many pieces of clothing do I need?

What clothes should I put on? You should have at least seven outfits to wear for a week. If you leave your house every day, most of those outfits should be for going out. However, you should keep one casual dress for when you’re at home.

How do I clean and put things in order in my closet?

Clear out the closet of everything. Next, you should clean, dust, and vacuum the shelves. Quickly get rid of anything you want to give away and anything that needs to be dry cleaned or changed. Start by hanging the things that have been used the most back in the closet and labeling them by color.

Should you roll or fold clothes to store them?

When you roll clothes instead of fold or hang them, you save more space. The best thing about clothes that are rolled is that they take up less space. This is because you can stack them closer together and fill all of your dresser’s nooks and crannies. This is often impossible when folding clothes.

How many types of clothing are there?

Casual wear is what most people wear. Formal events, such as weddings, call for formal clothes. Lingerie is a term for underwear that is worn for support or style. When people do sports like running, they wear sports gear.

How should I set up my drawer of jeans?

Three times as many pants (fold the top half down to the middle and the bottom half down to the middle). When jeans are folded the right way, they can fit neatly in most drawers or on a shelf in a closet. Because they are folded so small, you might be able to put two stacks in one drawer.

How should the colors be put together?

Walker suggests starting with white, cream, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, brown, gray, and black. She says to move the gold and silver around to see what you like best, since they can be hard to choose between.

How do you color-code your closet?

Set aside a part of the closet for each type of clothing, such as sweaters, skirts, and pants. Then, sort the clothes by color into the different groups. Put the colors in this order to make a rainbow: white, tan, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, gray, and black.

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