Which God is good for main door?

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Which God is good for main door?

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“The front door is how people come into the house from the outside. Nitien Parmar, a Vastu consultant in Mumbai, says that this is where good luck and happiness come into the home.” So, the primary entry is at the top of the list because it lets or stops the flow of cosmic energy that brings health, wealth, and peace. He also says that the front door is the first thing people notice about a house.

Who and what comes into your home can be affected by what you have there. In general, it is thought to be lucky to have statues or paintings of gods and goddesses outside your door. Think about what god’s picture you want to hang on the door. According to vastu, you should put idols or pictures of Ganesha and Laxmi by your front door to bring luck, wealth, and success.

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What you put outside your door shows how you want your home to feel. A lot of money is spent on decorating people’s front doors. After all, the entrance says something about the property because it is the first thing people see. But there are some important things to keep in mind as you build your entrance. Everyone likes to hang religious pictures near the front door, but have you ever thought about which god or goddess to put there?

The real place where energy flows into a house, flat, or apartment is through the front door. There could be both good and bad energy in the area. If your front door faces in a good direction, it could be a sign of money, wealth, and good health.

When you ask a Vastu expert how much your home is worth, they will always start with the front door. Hindu mythology says that the main door of your home is where important gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Saraswati come and go. The main entrance is where Vastu Shastra is used.

Which god’s name should go on the door?

Think about what god’s picture you want to hang on the door. According to vastu, you should put idols or pictures of Ganesha and Laxmi by your front door to bring luck, wealth, and success.

What god should be shown at the front door?

From a Vastu point of view, where should I put a statue of Lord Ganesha at my front door? Experts in vaastu say that the idol of Lord Ganesha should be put in the west, north-east, or north.

Can we prevent God from coming in?

You can hang any picture of God by the door. Some Vastu experts say that you shouldn’t put a picture of God by your front door because God is not your gatekeeper. You must keep God’s picture in a good place.

Can OM be written on the front door?

The area by the front door needs to be cleaned up. Keep trash cans, broken seats, and stools away from the front door. Instead, decorate the main entrance with religious symbols like swastikas, om, crosses, rangolis, and even flowers.

What does the front door of a house need?

People believe that putting statues or pictures of Gods and Goddesses at their front doors will bring them luck. Vastu says that putting idols and pictures of Ganesha and Lakshmi at your front door will bring luck, money, and success into your home.

What belongs at the front door of the house?

A bright front door Your front door should face northeast when you are at home. Vastu shastra says that the morning sun should come in through the main door of your home. So, the north-eastern corner of your home should be where your front door is.

Ganesha should stay at the door.

The statue of Ganesha can also be turned so that it faces the inside of the main gate. Images of Lord Ganesha should be set up so that they face the front door. The Ganesha statue shouldn’t be put facing south.

Is it okay to have a Ganesha statue at the front door?

Have you put the Ganesha idol where it is supposed to be? If not, everyone should remember that they should always put a pair of Ganesha statues at the front of their home because they bring luck, knowledge, and the blessing of good work.

Which way should God go about things?

Vastu experts say that the god should be placed in the house so that it faces east or north-east. Idols or statues of gods must be kept a certain distance off the ground. The worshiper’s face should be turned toward the east, while God’s face should be turned toward the west.

Is it okay to leave the mandir outside the door?

A vastu expert says that it’s not a good idea to put the puja room right in front of the front door. If you have to, put a curtain in front of the temple when it isn’t being used.

Can a mirror be put in front of the main door?

Can mirrors be put up in front of the main entrance? You shouldn’t put a mirror in front of the front door because it will send good energy out of the house.

What kind of mandir does a home need?

Vastu Shastra says that a temple made of wood is lucky and seen as more spiritual. Sheesham Wood (Rosewood), on the other hand, is thought to be lucky for home temples.

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