What should be placed in front of main door?

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What should be placed in front of main door?

According to Vastu, the main door or entry (main gate) is very important because it lets in or keeps out the important life-giving force that brings health, wealth, harmony, and good luck. Vastu says that homes with nice entrances sell for more money and are always in demand. A lucky entrance can bring good energy to your property. By putting your home’s main entrance in the direction of prosperity, you can bring in a lot of money, peace, and happiness. Windows and doors are what keep a building alive.

When buying a new home, there are many things to think about, from the search to the closing. Should you also think about how your new house will face? How and where the front door is placed affects the energy that comes into the house. According to the Vastu grid plan, it is good to have the main entrance in a good spot. When a building’s entrance is in a good spot, the people who live there have better health, more money, and good relationships.

Now that you know the directions and what they mean according to main door house entrance vastu, think about what you should and shouldn’t do for auspicious vastu suggestions for entrances to homes.

The real place where energy flows into a house, flat, or apartment is through the front door. There could be both good and bad energy in the area. If your front door faces in a good direction, it could be a sign of money, wealth, and good health.

It is thought to be lucky to have statues or other images of Gods and Goddesses outside your front door. Vastu says that you can bring luck, money, and success into your home by putting statues and pictures of Ganesha and Lakshmi at your front door. On the front door, you should put lucky signs like a Kalash with a coconut on it and a Swastika, which stands for Lord Ganesha.

“The front door is a way for people in the outside world to get into the house.” Nitin Parmar, a Vastu consultant in Mumbai, says, “It is a place where happiness and good fortune come into the home.” The main entry has been given a lot of attention because it affects the flow of cosmic energy, which is good for health, wealth, and peace of mind. He says that a property’s front door “makes the first impression.”

What does the space behind the front door hold?

The accents on the main door The area by the front door needs to be cleaned up. Keep trash cans, broken seats, and stools away from the front door. Instead, decorate the main entrance with religious symbols like swastikas, om, crosses, rangolis, and even flowers.

What do I put on the door’s threshold?

Your front door should face northeast when you are at home. Vastu shastra says that the morning sun should come in through the main door of your home. So, the north-eastern corner of your home should be where your front door is.

Whose image should be on the front door?

Think about what god’s picture you want to hang on the door. According to vastu, you should put idols or pictures of Ganesha and Laxmi by your front door to bring luck, wealth, and success.

Which way should the front door face?

The Best Direction for the Main Door Based on Vastu According to Vastu, the main door should always face north-east, north, east, or west. These directions are thought to be lucky. Keep a safe distance from the south, west, north (north side), and south-east of the main entrance gate.

What needs to be kept by the front door?

People believe that putting statues or pictures of Gods and Goddesses at their front doors will bring them luck. Vastu says that putting idols and pictures of Ganesha and Lakshmi at your front door will bring luck, money, and success into your home.

What shouldn’t be in the front yard?

If you have a tree, pole, or pit in front of your house, this is not a good sign. Because of this, your family may feel bad inside. Make a daily Swastika sign for the front door to keep it from hurting you, and fill the house’s pit right away.

What is the best plant for the front porch?

One of the best Vastu plants for your home’s front door is a citrus tree. After that, basil, jasmine, morning glory, money plants, and morning glory are all good choices.

How do I get rid of a sickness in my house?

Use rock salt to clean your house. Put a bowl of rock salt in each corner of your room. Also, the salt can be used to scrub the floor once a week, getting rid of any germs and bacteria that might be in the air. Place the bowl near a sick person to send them good vibes. Salt crystals should be changed out every so often.

Which side of a house should it have?

How to arrange the living room according to Vastu All the energies that come into your home can play in your living room. According to Vastu, the host should face north and east, and the guests should face away from the host. This makes sure that only the best, most positive energy comes into your home. last week

What kind of God is guarding the door?

Lord Ganesha statues are often placed at the front door or above it in Indian homes. Some people think it’s bad luck to put a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha facing the house, so another one is put on the inside of the door. It looks like this will make things better.

Ganesha wants to come in.

From a Vastu point of view, where should I put a statue of Lord Ganesha at my front door? Experts in vaastu say that the idol of Lord Ganesha should be put in the west, north-east, or north. If the idol is turned so that it faces south, this can be bad.

Which god should be put by the front door?

People think that a Ganesha idol in the lalitasana, or sitting position, is the best one for worshipping at home. Experts in vaastu say that a sitting Ganesha shows a calm, collected attitude and makes the home feel more peaceful.

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