Is it OK to put PC on floor?

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Is it OK to put PC on floor?

Most geeks will tell you not to put a desktop computer on the floor because airflow and dust can cause the computer to overheat.

On it, I don’t have a long enough desk to put my PC, and there will be a lot more dust on the floor because it is closer to the wall and gets warmer under or next to the desk. Oh, and if you’re going to put it on the floor, find something like a wooden board to put it on.

Putting it behind your desk, on the other hand, will make it run hotter, require more dusting, and make it more likely that you will spill something on it. But because it is lower than your desk, you are less likely to accidentally knock it over, and you have more space to work.

On Christmas morning, my 8-year-old, average work PC was gone, and in its place was a high-end gaming PC with a new screen. I’ve been doing research to make sure this computer lasts as long as possible, and it looks like a lot of people think that putting your computer on the floor may cause it to get more dust and make it harder for it to breathe. I wasn’t sure if this was right ( btw I have my pc on a wooden floor).

Dust will get on your PC if you have hard floors. Even though I swept the floor every week, there was a lot of dust when I came in to upgrade my GPU. The machine is currently at my place of work. If you want to keep it on the floor, you can buy small trays to put it on.

So far, we know for sure that putting your desktop computer on the floor won’t hurt the hardware. But please don’t put it on a carpet and make sure to clean it regularly, preferably once a week if you have the time.

You can get a small end table if your computer won’t fit on your desk or if you just want more space on top. A small MDF table that costs $20 will do if it can hold the weight and you don’t mind how it looks. It works as long as your computer is flush with the surface and air can flow under the legs.

If you didn’t know what a PC mount was before, you can now add one to your standing desk setup whenever you want to. By doing that one simple thing, you have lessened the chance that flooding or a spill will cause a big loss. Of course, you’re also making sure that too much dust or something blocking the airflow doesn’t hurt your equipment.

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