Can we keep god in kitchen?

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Can we keep god in kitchen?

A large house’s front door. The wood panels and frame of the main door are painted white, and on either side are two wooden doors that lead to separate cloakrooms. A bristle floor mat is set into the cream-colored marble floor. Through the glass around the front door frame, you can see part of a carriage drive, and on either side of the door, there are two columns.

The temple should be on the first floor of a house with two floors. Either the kitchen or the bedroom can be the temple’s home. When the temple isn’t being used, hang a curtain in front of it. On the upper floors, a small shrine can be set up in the bedroom or kitchen. If there is a pooja room in the house, it should be on the first floor.

Where should God be facing in the pooja room? According to vastu and the direction the house’s mandir faces, which way should the entrance to the pooja room face? Can we have a pooja room in the kitchen, according to vastu?

Pooja rooms in the northeast bring luck, money, good health, wealth, and peace of mind. When deciding to put the puja room in the north-east, it’s important to think about how the morning sun will hit the room from this direction. People also think that the energy is best used in this direction. When doing rituals, you should always face east, according to the second most important Vastu Shastra idea.

Now, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do in a pooja room. Don’t build a puja room in a bedroom or above, below, or near a kitchen or bathroom. If a house has more than one floor, the puja room should always be on the first floor. It should never be in the basement or on any other floor.

We’d love it if you could send us pictures of your pooja room so we can show them to the rest of the community. Many people in the area will find your pictures useful. This website might have instructions on how to put God in a pooja room or home temple.

Vaastu experts tell us not to lean the idols in the pooja room against the wall. You can do this without making big changes to the way your mandir looks. Give your idols an inch and a half of space from the wall. This lets the smell of the incense fill the whole room.

Can God be kept out of the kitchen?

You can put the mandir in your living room or your kitchen, but it must face northeast. 16. Putting a mandir in the bedroom is not a good idea. If you have to, put it in the northeast corner of the bedroom.

Can I do a Puja ceremony in my kitchen?

It shouldn’t be put in the basement, on the first level, or on the ground floor. Vastu says that a puja room can’t be above, below, or near a kitchen or bathroom.

How do we put God at the center of our home?

Vastu experts say that the god should be placed in the house so that it faces east or north-east. Idols or statues of gods must be kept a certain distance off the ground. The worshiper’s face should be turned toward the east, while God’s face should be turned toward the west.

Can God be locked up in a closet?

– To reduce stress over time, don’t put your mandir or temple under any beams or cabinets.

Is it okay to keep the mandir in the kitchen?

Vastu Shastra says that having a mandir in the kitchen is bad luck, but there is a bright side! Vastu says that a pooja room in the kitchen is less likely to have bad effects than one in a bedroom or near a bathroom.

God shouldn’t go in which direction?

Vastu Shastra says that any goddess or deity’s statue or picture should be put on the east or north wall of the place where they are worshipped. You should never turn a God or an idol northward, or the person who worships it will turn it southward.

Where in the kitchen should the mandir go?

Put the mandir on the left or right side of the stove in the kitchen. If you don’t want bad luck, don’t put the gas stove or kitchen sink near the mandir, and don’t put the mandir on top of them.

Is it good for Vastu to have an open kitchen?

Since the fire element (Agni) rules both directions, the south-east is the best place for a kitchen according to vastu. In the north zone, you should avoid open kitchens at all costs. For open kitchens, a west zone layout is often used. It is good for health.

Can we turn a cupboard into a temple?

Some people build a temple in a closet because they don’t have a special room or place at home for it. This is fine, but some people put things that are important but not necessary on other shelves of this cabinet, which isn’t thought to be lucky.

Can a mandir be installed in a bedroom?

Vaastu says that you shouldn’t put a mandir in your bedroom. But if you have to keep it up, make sure your feet are not facing the mandir. Also, cover the mandir when it’s not being used.

Can you face God from the south?

The best place to keep pictures or statues of deities is in the east or north, since the person doing pooja shouldn’t face south. This is true whether the person is in a temple, a pooja room, a wall-mounted temple, or any other part of the house that is used as a pooja corner. Leaving idols or pictures of God on the ground is against the law.

Can we shut the door to the prayer room?

Science says that this is not a good way to boost worship on purpose.

Also, it says that the doors don’t need to be open as long as worship is going on.

It is said that the doors of the puja room can be closed as soon as the puja is finished with devotional care.

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