Why is Vastu not followed in USA?

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When you are inside and standing in front of the main gate, the direction you face is the way to your house. So, if you leave the house facing east, your home also faces east. Vastu says that the best place to live is in a house that faces east. Because the sun rises in this direction, you get a lot of early sunlight, which is one of the benefits of having a house that faces east. Houses that face east get a lot of good energy.

In fact, a lot of our habits are based on science. People are persuaded to accept and take part in these activities by giving them a religious basis, since a large part of the population either can’t or won’t.

If vastu principles apply everywhere, why does a central staircase in an American home not have a bad effect but the same staircase in an Indian home does? The Law of Spreading is the basis for the principles of vastu. The main answer is that vastu rules are different in each country. The most important subject is this one.

There is a big open area to the west of the direction you are going. This is a large, open area that is almost in the middle of everything. It’s likely to have either positive or negative effects right away. The people who live in this building never get any updates or improvements. Even though this house has an entrance in the northeast-northeast, our readings show that it has no vaastu potential. Most of the risks are for men who may change jobs or lifestyles while living in this house. We didn’t look at this house because he wanted to buy another. As a result of his questions, he found out that the owner of the house had a business failure and was selling the property. Vastu only applies to the nearby area or neighborhood.

In the end, Vaastu doesn’t help much with building. If you wanted to build a house a thousand years ago, you would not have been able to because there were no architects around. So, what rules do you have to follow when you build the house? The span of the roof is always the hardest part of building anything. What would you have done to make the roof? You’d go to your farm, look for a tree, and then cut it down. Think about a tree that grew too slowly and was only about eight feet tall. The length of the roof would now only be eight feet. But let’s say you had ten kids and built them a 120-foot-long room. If you lived in a house that was 8 feet wide and 120 feet long, you would be in a tunnel. Your physical and mental health would definitely get worse. So, if one side of a house measures this much, the other side must also measure this much. If you look into vastu, you’ll see that vastu in the hills is very different from vastu in the plains. Tamil Nadu vastu differs from Karnataka vastu. Because you didn’t have an architect to help you, they gave you some general rules based on the weather and temperature so you could design your house smartly.

Why aren’t we using vastu?

Because vastu is based on science, it takes into account things like location, climate, and the way the sun shines. Because of these differences, many vastu ideas that work in India might not work in the United States or might not work in the United States in general.

Do Americans believe in vastu?

If that’s what you want, then yes. Some contractors will make changes to meet vaastu requirements. Even if they are on an adverse lot, some floor plans are made with vaastu in mind.

Which property in the U.S. has the best view?

But the room’s door should be facing north or east. The north-west is also a good direction. Face all of the living room furniture west or south-west. Faceing east, north, northeast, or northwest is best.

Do foreigners use vastu?

Most people do not. Vastu is something that most people have never heard of. In most countries, though, only a small number of people, Hindus and others, follow Vastu. It is a strange thing, except in Hindu communities or communities with a lot of Hindu people.

Are people in the UK interested in Vastu?

Vaastu is starting to show up on the United Kingdom’s property market, which is very international. “Feng shui is a big deal for a lot of our clients. Some of them won’t even step foot in a house until their feng shui expert has checked it out,” says Penny Mosgrove of Quintessentially Estates.

Will Vastu really work?

Why is vastu so important? Because a home that is well-organized will run more smoothly and quietly. When we are at home, we make memories. Keeping a good energy flow around your house will bring you happiness and plenty.

Is Singapore a city that follows Vastu?

One small problem came up when Indian officials pointed out that Singapore’s first city plan didn’t follow vastu shastra, an old Hindu way of building that tries to be in harmony with nature. Several buildings and roads need to be moved or rerouted.

Is it good for a house in the United States to face south-west?

Vastu for Houses that Face Southwest This place is also bad luck because it is run by the demon “Nairuthya.” Vastu says that putting your front door in the southwest corner could cause problems with money, accidents, and your marriage.

Should we believe in Vastu?

Vastu is extremely important in our culture. When buying a home or property, we need to make sure it follows basic Vastu rules, but we also need to be aware that not all properties will follow all Vastu rules.

Is it a good idea to buy a house in the United States that faces southeast?

All women who live in houses with a south-east entrance will have health problems. It also hurts all kinds of relationships, leading to constant misunderstandings and fights that don’t need to happen between family members.

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