Which side god photo should face?

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Which side god photo should face?

No matter which direction your pooja room faces, the god should be facing north-east. If you want to pray facing north-east, north, or east, put your idols in the right place.

In today’s Vastu advice, Acharya Indu Prakash tells where the pictures or statues of God should be placed in the prayer room or temple. Vastu Shastra says that any goddess or deity’s statue or picture should be put on the east or north wall of the place where they are worshipped. You should never turn a God or an idol northward, or the person who worships it will turn it southward. Never make a house of worship face south.

Miss Surbhi already said that the best way to take a picture of God is from the north or east side of the mandir. This is because these directions make sure that the face of the god image or idol is not facing north. When worshiping, if the pictures of God are facing north, the person worshiping will be facing south, which is not a good direction.

The pictures of gods that are carelessly hung on the walls of the house can face any way. Images and idols of gods should face either East or West in the pooja chamber. The pooja should be done facing either the East or the North.

When you pray with your face to the east, good things will happen. This is because the rising Sun and Lord Indra are in the east. If you pray with your back to the west, it can help you get money. Face north to bring good things and opportunities your way. According to vastu, the pooja room in a mandir faces south. However, it is not a good idea to worship facing south. The only direction the mandir can’t face in the house is south.

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The way people sit should be based on how tall the wooden mandir is. It should be kept at the same height as a person sitting or standing in front of it. It would be disrespectful to the lord if the height were lower. From that height, it would also be hard for the person to catch a glimpse of the god. For puja, the home mandir shouldn’t be put flat on the floor; it should be held up.

Which way should pictures of God be facing?

The best place to keep pictures or statues of deities is in the east or north, since the person doing pooja shouldn’t face south. This is true whether the person is in a temple, a pooja room, a wall-mounted temple, or any other part of the house that is used as a pooja corner. Leaving idols or pictures of God on the ground is against the law.

Which side should the gods be on?

Vastu experts say that the god should be placed in the house so that it faces east or north-east. Idols or statues of gods must be kept a certain distance off the ground. The worshiper’s face should be turned toward the east, while God’s face should be turned toward the west.

Can God take pictures looking to the north?

Vastu Shastra says that any goddess or deity’s statue or picture should be put on the east or north wall of the place where they are worshipped. You should never turn a God or an idol northward, or the person who worships it will turn it southward.

Can God take a picture looking west?

Based on the Vastu of the pooja room, the faces of the gods may face west, so that when you worship, you can face east. Goddess Saraswati must go to the right of goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesha must go to the left.

Can we say our prayers while facing east?

Make sure you face north or east when you pray. Since praying in the north or east makes people feel hopeful, it will help the good energy spread throughout the house.

Can I pray with my back to the north?

Vastu Shastra says to pray for good luck while facing the east or north. Vastu Shastra says that when you pray, you should face the north or east. When you pray, it’s best to face east. Given that taking this route shows courage and bravery.

What direction should a person pray?

Depending on how the temple is set up, a worshiper should face east or west when they pray. If you can’t use the temple or prayer room in the east, you can use it in the west. Installing a house temple in the northeastern or eastern part of the building is recommended.

Is it okay to have an image of God in the living room?

Vastu principles can be used by the interior designers at NoBroker to design your living space or a place where you pray. Experts in vaastu say that you should put your idols in the north or north-east. Since Yamraj, the God of Death, rules that direction, we should never put Gods or idols so that they face south.

What is the best angle for a family picture?

Everyone likes seeing pictures of their families in their homes. The South-West wall is the best place to hang these pictures because it brings peace and makes relationships stronger. It’s never a good idea to put family pictures in the eastern or northern corners of the house.

Can God really stay in the northwest corner?

A.1: The mandir should be in the north-east corner of the house. If that doesn’t work, the corners in the north and east will. West is at least good enough to get by with.

How should the puja shelf be set up?

Vastu shastra says that the place where the pooja rooms are is important. According to experts, the ideal direction for a pooja room is north east, followed by east and north. These instructions are positive and will help everyone who lives in the home.

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