Which of the following is a function of management Mcq?

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Answer to Multiple-Choice Question 10 on Management Functions in Detail “Directing” is the correct answer. Management is the process of organizing, planning, leading, and controlling the work and resources of an organization’s members in order to reach goals that have already been set.

Office is seen as a useful management tool because it helps with running a business well. Office management is the art of making sure that employees use the right tools for their environment in order to reach a certain goal. Office management is a type of management that focuses on how well office tasks are done. Terry says that office management is “the practice of organizing, coordinating, and motivating others to work toward the office’s goals.” Office management is in charge of overseeing office workers and planning, organizing, motivating, and coordinating office tasks.

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Management is the process of organizing, directing, planning, and overseeing the activities of an organization’s members, as well as managing the organization’s resources to reach certain goals. So, management is not responsible for getting people to work together. So, selection is the right way to respond (c).

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Management and communication go hand in hand and can’t be separated. Communication is when two or more people share information with each other (increasingly, machines are also included in communication, but we limit the discussion here to communication between people). Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are all parts of management that depend on good communication. Managers need to be able to talk to each other and get the right information in order to make decisions and carry out plans. When information is sent and received correctly, it can reach everyone in an organization. But, as we saw in the last example, when information is misunderstood or wrong information gets around, it can cause big problems for businesses.

Which of the following is NOT a function of a manager?

Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling are all parts of management.

Which of the following duties of a manager is most similar to Mcq?

Planning and controlling are both important parts of management.

Which of these doesn’t have anything to do with management?

In a nutshell, management is the act of dealing with or taking charge of people or things. Staffing, leading, and making plans are all a part of this job. So, working together is not a management task in and of itself.

Which management department is in charge of McQ?

Controlling is a type of management that looks both forward and backward. Its job is to look at work that has already been done and figure out how it differs from the requirements. Based on these differences, it tries to do what needs to be done to fix things.

Which of the following is not part of the management procedure?

As part of the management process, all managerial tasks, such as planning, leading, organizing, managing, and controlling, are done. So, working is not a key function of planning.

Senior management at Mcq is in charge of which of the following?

Which of the following is NOT a job of top management? (c) Making sure that the safety standards of the organization are met.

What is the most important thing that Mcq’s management has to do?

Planning is the most important job of management.

Which one (McQ) is not in charge of any projects?

So, management doesn’t have to worry about getting people to work together. Management is mostly made up of the five tasks listed below: organizing, hiring, leading, and keeping track of things. For these interconnected tasks to be done, the work of the many departments, units, and people must be coordinated.

Which of the following sequences of management processes is correct, according to McQ?

putting together a team, organizing, planning, regulating, and coordinating

is one of the most important jobs of a manager?

What are the four main roles of a manager? The four most common management tasks are leading, controlling, organizing, and planning. The people in these roles work together to set, carry out, and reach the company’s goals.

Which of the following is not true about management?

All of these things are true. Whether a business is for profit or not, running it and making sure it stays legal is both an art and a science. Most businesses have a hierarchy of workers that goes from top management to middle management to lower management.

Which of the following does not fall under the Mcq management levels?

The policy is made by the middle management. Lower-level management works to meet the goals that have been set. So, the intermediate management level is not one of the levels of management.

Which of these is not not a way to control Mcq?

The rules say that staff activities can’t be done at the same time.

What does “management by exception” mean in the McQ?

to organize workers and subordinates so that the work gets done on time

Which of the following is not a principle of management?

Taylor’s ideas about how to run a business don’t include functional foremanship.

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