Which is the best direction to sleep?

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Which is the best direction to sleep?

Ancient beliefs, like vastu shastra, say that the best place to sleep is in the south. New research1 backs up this claim. When you’re in bed, your feet should point north and your head should point south.

So, which way should your head be facing when you sleep? The best way to go is east. It is nice in the northeast. West is in good shape. If you have to, go south. No, north. As long as you are in the northern hemisphere, you can sleep with your head facing any direction other than north. If you are in the southern hemisphere, don’t look south.

Vastu says that the best way to sleep is to lay down with your head to the east or south and your legs to the north or west. It’s also a tried-and-true way to fall asleep.

The best way to sleep is with your head facing south or east. When you sleep in the best way, your blood flow isn’t stopped. This helps you focus on daily tasks, stay healthy, sleep well, and keep a good balance between your inner and outer worlds. If you sleep facing east or south, you might get a new start.

All of you students out there should try to sleep facing east. If you want to get smarter, you should sleep with your head facing east. It helps you remember things better, concentrate better, and sleep better, all of which are good for your health. East is recommended for scholars, teachers, and anyone else who wants to get a new job or move up in their current job. People say that this kind of sleep makes them feel strong and full of energy. This is also the position that is recommended for people who are trying to get over health problems.

Folklore says that facing south or east is the best way to sleep. This idea comes from a long-forgotten story. The story goes that the goddess Parvathy once asked her son Ganesha to watch over her while she took a bath.

One of the best places to rest your head is in the east. Vastu says that most people like to buy homes that face east because that’s where the sun rises.

There are old Indian cultural practices in Vastu Shastra. It has important information like the best way to rest, where to put things for the most use, and so on. There are four parts to a good night’s sleep. Even after doing three of the four things, most people still have trouble falling asleep. This makes people tired, sleepy, and leads to an unhealthy way of life. Vastu Shastra shows you how to get a better night’s sleep.

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