Which direction should I face while sitting in office?

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Which direction should I face while sitting in office?

Vastu Shastra says that business owners should sit with their backs to the north, east, or north-east. These directions are seen as good. Since the sun comes up in the east, the conditions are great for economic growth.

If you have an L-shaped desk, you might want to put it in the corner of your office.

Desks with a L shape are made to fit in corners. Unlike straight desks, they are not made up of a single rectangular piece of furniture. L-shaped desks are called that because of how they are shaped. Even though they have a small piece of furniture attached to the side perpendicularly, they look like straight desks.

The office should be put in a building that faces either north or east. When running a business, the owner, MD, or CEO should always look north or east to make sure they make money. Check to see if there is a beam on top of the table.

Vastu Shastra says that facing East is by far the best way to do a great job and make sure your mind and body work together perfectly. Why? Simple physics shows why: Since the sun comes up in the east, the conditions are great for economic growth.

Hello, I would like to ask something about the home office. In my room, I have to sit diagonally in front of a corner where two paths meet in order to face north or east. I can sit with my back facing northeast, but that wall is shared with the bathroom next door. How can I face other directions, like south east, south west, or north west? Is it okay to sit in the bathroom with your back against the wall? Please let me know. Thanks!

The best place for the accounting department and firm owners to sit is to the west. In Vastu Shastra, the west is the direction of profits. The space element, which is one of the five components, is in charge of the west. Here’s where the cash is. If you were sitting here, you would want to quickly sum up what was said and only talk about business partnerships and money. People who face west are more likely to build strong relationships with clients or look for money through investors and business partnerships. If you own a store, you can keep your payment counter facing west instead of east, though. Most likely, the buyer will agree to pay the price you ask for the good you are selling.

It’s hard enough to find the best workstation for your home office, but have you thought about the best way to work and which way your desk should face? Each way, whether it’s toward the wall, the window, or the door, has its own pros and cons.

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