Which direction is good for study and work?

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Which direction is good for study and work?

Helpful Advice The best ways to set up the study room are to face it east or west, with north coming in a close third. The child should face east or north while studying, and all of their awards, certificates, trophies, and motivational posters should be on the east or north wall.

When studying, students should face east or north-east. Those who want to go to college should face north. East is where the sun rises, and North is where Kuber lives, so East and North are considered sacred directions in vastu (the god of riches and abundance).

Vastu Shastra says that the best places for a study table in a bedroom or study are facing north or east. This means that when a student sits at a study table, they must face either north or east. But if you learn more about this old subject, you’ll find that there are different ways to use a study table depending on the type of course or study being done. The following are some examples:

You may have found that studying something you like feels like a dream, while studying something you don’t like feels like the worst nightmare. Some things are easy to learn, while other things are harder. Do you want to know how to study best? There are also a number of ideas that can help you learn. For example, Vastu Shastra is a part of our ancient Hindu system of building.

Study tables are workstations that are designed specifically for reading, writing, and researching. They should have a simple design so they don’t get in the way, but be big enough to hold all the things you need to study or work.

A vastu specialist recommends placing the study table in the house’s West of South West (WSW) direction. The runner-up is the home’s north-east corner.

Vastu says that the best place for a study table is in the north or east of your home. It should be set up so that the student can study while facing either east or north. Sep 9, 2020

Don’t put study tables next to windows. Even if the view isn’t very interesting, a window makes it too easy to think about something other than the work at hand. If your desk is next to a window, light from outside may make it hard to see your work well. Jan 8, 2021

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