What is the synonym of desk?

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What is the synonym of desk?

This page has 42 different words for desk, such as table, escritoire, desk, worktable, booth, drawing table, bureau, lectern, reading desk, reading stand, and counter.

The furniture is open and simple, with few places to put things and a large work table. In a home office, a writing desk looks great against a wall or in the middle of the floor. Because of how it is built, a laptop is better for office work than a desktop computer. The traditional, simple style works well in almost any situation. Check out our small desks for the home office.

A desk is a piece of furniture that has a place to write as well as drawers or other places to store things.

Looking for a different way to say that someone is stuck at their desk? There’s nothing wrong. The word “desk-bound” has 9 different meanings that can be found in our thesaurus. Below is an alphabetical list of words that are similar to desk-bound.

What words sound similar to “dusk”?

Some words that are similar to or synonyms for dusk are evening, eve, sunset, night, darken, gloaming, twilight, crepuscule, vesper, midnight, and even.

What is the proper name for a place to read?

a desk, an escritoire, a lectern, an ambo, a desk, and a secretary

What do most people call a desk where you write?

A writing table looks like a pedestal desk, but it doesn’t have any pedestals. Instead, it has legs that hold it up. Because of this, these tables are often called “leg desks.” When a writing table is made in a French style, like Louis XVI or Art Nouveau, it is called a “bureau plat.”

What is it made out of?

This paragraph, which is on business letterheads, tells the reader that the letter is being written in an official capacity on behalf of the company. Writing from the desk of John Smith, Vice President, Marketing, XX Company, for example, shows that the author is speaking for the company and writing in their official capacity as vice president.

How can you describe the sky in other ways?

Heavens and the sky Synonyms As with the higher atmosphere, there are no stars in the firmament.

What is another word for dawn?

This article has 20 words, phrases, and idioms that are similar to “sunrise.” These include “daybreak,” “sunup,” “aurora,” “first light,” “moonrise,” “dawn,” “break of day,” “morning,” “dawning,” “dusk,” and “daylight.”

What is the late afternoon called?

Twilight is the time of day when it starts to get dark. “Afterlight.” “Afterglow.” “Nightlight.”

What is the seven-letter word for a place to read?

We found 1 answer to the clue READING DESK. There are seven letters in the word LECTERN.

An answer to a crossword puzzle for a reading desk

The 7-letter answer to the crossword puzzle “Reading desk” was last seen on April 8, 2021. We think that LECTERN is the most likely answer to this clue.

What do you call a desk with a stand and a top that leans back?

A lectern is a reading desk with a tilted top where books or papers are put for support when they are being read out loud, like in a sermon, lecture, or Bible reading. Most of the time, a lectern is attached to a stand or some other kind of support.

What do you call desks that are out of style?

The Davenport Desk, also called the Captain’s Desk. The Davenport was made by the British furniture company Gillows in the 1790s (also known as Gillow & Co.).

What do you call a desk that has two sides?

A partners desk, partner’s desk, or partners’ desk is a large pedestal workstation built for two people to work at while facing each other (also double desk).

How do you shorten writing desk in six letters?

The answer to the crossword puzzle with six letters, “writing desk,” was last seen on June 1, 2022. We think that BUREAU is the most likely answer to this puzzle.

Why do you need a desk?

A desk or bureau is a piece of furniture with a flat, table-like surface that is used for reading, writing, or using technology like a computer at home or at work.

What does the desk’s whole name mean?

Every right is kept. DESK. Donate School Supplies for Kids (San Angelo, TX) AcronymFinder.com (c) 1988-2018.

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