What is the size of a standard two drawer file cabinet?

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What is the size of a standard two drawer file cabinet?

The item is 28.38″ high, 15″ wide, and 25″ deep.

A typical office file cabinet is 28.12 inches deep and has a drawer that can hold up to 27 inches of files. There are also cabinets that are shallower, such as a 26.1/2-inch-deep cabinet with a 25-inch-deep drawer and a 25-inch-deep file with a 23.12-inch-deep drawer. The width of letter-size files is 15 inches, and the width of legal-size vertical cabinets is 18 14 inches.

There are also 26.12-inch deep cabinets with a drawer depth of 25 inches and 25-inch deep cabinets with a drawer depth of 23.12 inches. People who are looking for the best price often compare units with shallow and deep drawers. Most vertical file cabinets in offices are 28.12 inches deep, and each drawer can hold 27 inches of files.

Some shallow vertical file cabinets are only 26.12 inches deep, and the depth of the drawer is only 23.12 inches. Before you buy a new vertical file cabinet, you should think about what you need. A typical vertical file cabinet is 28.12 inches deep, and each drawer can hold files that are up to 27 inches tall.

Because their drawers don’t stick out very far, lateral files are great for places where there isn’t much room but a lot of filing needs to be done. Most lateral files are between 32″ and 36″ wide, which means they can hold both legal- and letter-sized papers, which can be arranged side-by-side or front-to-back. Most lateral file models have two drawers, but some have as many as seven.

A filing cabinet is a piece of furniture that is used to store and organize important papers. Most filing cabinets have a label holder on the front to help keep things organized and easy to find. Single-drawer filing cabinets have one or two drawers that can be pulled out with a small handle on the outside of the cabinet. These cabinets are common in offices and other places of work.

How tall is a normal file cabinet with two drawers?

Letter-size files are 15 inches wide, but legal-size vertical cabinets are 18 14 inches wide. Two-drawer files are 29 inches tall, while three-drawer files are 40 inches tall, four-drawer files are 52 inches tall, and five-drawer cabinets are 60 inches tall.

How big is a file drawer?

Because Baltic birch is narrower, the 9-ply should be 12 7/8″ and the 11-ply should be 13 1/8″.

What size does a lateral filing cabinet come in?

Most lateral files are between 32″ and 36″ wide, which is big enough to hold letter- and legal-sized papers that can be put back to front or side by side.

How tall should a file drawer be?

Based on the bottom thickness and inset, the required minimum external drawer box heights are as follows; the suggested minimum interior drawer box height is 9-1/4″.

How big are hanging file folders that are legal size?

A legal-size hanging file is 15 3/4 inches wide and 9 3/8 inches tall, while a letter-size hanging file is 12 3/4 inches wide and 9 3/8 inches tall.

What sizes of file folders are there?

(See figure 7-a.) The front flap of a letter-size file folder should be 8 5/8 inches tall, and the back flap should be 9 5/8 inches tall.

How deep should a file drawer that slides out be?

Lateral files come in many different shapes and sizes, but most of them have two to three drawers, are about 20″ deep, and are 30″ to 42″ wide. Overall, using lateral files is a great and practical way to keep an office of any size organized and clean.

What’s the difference between a vertical file cabinet and a lateral file cabinet?

Folders in lateral storage systems are lined up along the front of the drawer, so the depth of a lateral storage cabinet is usually the same as the length of a normal storage folder. In vertical storage systems, the folders are in the same plane as the front of the drawer.

A vertical file cabinet or a lateral file cabinet?

A lot less can fit in a vertical file cabinet than in a lateral one. Most people choose vertical file cabinets because they take up less wall space, but lateral file cabinets can hold more documents.

How deep does a drawer go?

Most of the time, the depth is 14, 16, or 20 inches. Height: The height of the drawer is the height of the front of the drawer. The real height of the box is usually lower. 5 inches, 7.5 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches are the standard heights.

How do you figure out the size of a drawer?

D is the internal depth of one drawer. For example, if the drawer is 10 inches from top to bottom, then D = 10. To figure out how many cubic inches are in one drawer, multiply its width, length, and depth. Using the example as a guide, one drawer has a volume of 1,920 cubic inches (12 x 16 x 10) = 1,920.

How long are legal documents?

The average size of a legal-size hanging file folder is 9-3/8 x 15-3/4 inches (23.8 x 40 cm). Even though both legal and letter-size paper are used for business and work, they are not the same size.

How big is a filing cabinet on average?

These cabinets are usually 12 inches (300 mm) or 18 inches (460 mm) deep for letter or legal size folders. They come in 30 inch (760 mm), 36 inch (910 mm), 42 inch (1,100 mm), and 45 inch (1,100 mm) widths, just like lateral files, but they are usually only used in 5-high and 6-high applications.

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