What is an old fashioned desk called?

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The Davenport Desk, also called the Captain’s Desk. The Davenport was made by the British furniture company Gillows in the 1790s (also known as Gillow & Co.). It was built for and named after Captain Davenport.

The antique secretary desk was made for the first time in the 1600s. It can be traced back to the French escritoire, or “little writing desk,” which had a top that could be folded down or pulled out to make a larger working area. This great William & Mary walnut escritoire from the 18th century is a great example of how the size of these old secretary desks can range from a small addition to a living room to a fantastic statement piece.

Writer’s Table People wrote letters by hand on this little desk, which was often called a bureau. Inside, there are small cubby holes, and the top is usually closed with a hinge that folds down to hide the work.

A writing table looks like a pedestal desk, but it doesn’t have any pedestals. Instead, it has legs that hold it up. Because of this, these tables are often called “leg desks.” When a writing table is made in a French style, like Louis XVI or Art Nouveau, it is called a bureau plat.

Even though desks have been around for 150 years, they have changed from the grand executive desks of the 1800s to the space-saving secretaries of the 1900s to the use of industrial steel in the designs of the mid-century modern era. The choices you have when looking for an old desk are briefly talked about below.

Do you think it’s important? Do you like exquisite vintage furniture? If so, an antique desk is definitely the right piece of furniture for you. These beautiful desks will take your breath away because of how beautiful they look and how important they are historically. The beauty and complexity of these desks ranges from Queen Anne to Chippendale. They are all very cool. So, if you want to add something unique to your home or business, be sure to check out our great selection of antique desks!

Most of the time, when people say “secretary’s desk,” they mean an old desk with drawers. People also call it a ladies desk or an old writing desk. In the late 18th century and during the Victorian era, this style of desk became very popular. They are also known as credenzas.

When you hear the word “secretary desk,” you might think of an old piece of furniture. Since the 1700s, these traditional desks have been around and are still used a lot today. Most antique secretary desks are very expensive, but you can find pieces in styles like Scandinavian and mid-century modern that are more affordable.

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