Should you keep records in plastic sleeves?

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Should you keep records in plastic sleeves?

To keep your vinyl records in good shape, the outer sleeves are just as important. Plastic outer sleeves add an extra layer of protection against dust and light, and they also help record jacket covers stay in good shape for longer.

You mean the sleeve that goes inside the jacket, right? So, yes. It’s an important part of taking care of records because it keeps the record “locked” in the sleeve and keeps dust away. It also makes it easier to take the record out of the sleeve.

Most people who sell used records send them without the jacket, which has always puzzled me. Thank you for getting back to me. I’m thinking of using this method to keep track of my records. The jackets have been kept in their outer sleeves in the past. Except for all the records that belong to my dad and my girlfriend. I don’t know why most of them are in such bad condition. Anyhow, will taking the record out of the jacket and putting it in an outer sleeve keep it from getting damaged?

Gotcha. It’s a good idea to keep your jackets in the outer sleeves. This makes them look better in case you ever want to sell them or impress your friends. The majority of people on r/vinyl put their vinyl albums in plastic sleeves. It’s best to take the record and innersleeve out of the jacket, put the jacket inside the outersleeve with the opening facing up, and put the record and innersleeve behind the LP jacket. maintains everything in good shape

My father gave me all of his things. A lot of things are here, but none of them have sleeves. Only the records I’ve bought from real record stores have sleeves, but I recently took them all off because my OCD insisted on “all or nothing.”

First of all, I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with plastic sleeves. I thought that you put the whole record cover in the sleeve, but I keep seeing LPs with sleeves in pictures and in stores. I think that people who do this keep their sleeves in a different place.

The only thing on this list that will regularly touch your valuable vinyl is the inside sleeve. Because of this, it is an important way to store information. The simplest kind is made of nothing but paper. Over time, putting and taking out a record from a paper inner makes it act like fine-grained sandpaper, which causes surface noise on the record. The two types of recommended inners are the one with a round bottom made of plastic and the one with a thin plastic liner inside a paper inner. The second one is better because it takes less effort to fold and crease the corners of a paper inner to fit it into a card sleeve.

Is putting papers in paper sleeves a good idea?

They are made of anti-static paper or plastic and keep dust from getting on your vinyl. Most records come in paper sleeves, but the plastic sleeves are a lot better. In fact, using paper covers for your recordings can make them worse over time. If you can, stay away from them and choose plastic instead.

How should vinyl records be put together?

For them to stay in good shape, vinyl records must be stored on their sides. Differential pressure can cause records that have been stored at an angle for a long time to bend. Because of this, most records are kept in boxes that keep them standing up.

Is it okay to put records in a place other than the sleeve?

the outside of the sleeves You should also buy record sleeves to protect the artwork and keep dust from ruining the record while it is being stored. Don’t buy the thick PVC sleeves that collectors have always used to protect their items. Your records could be ruined or even lost if you use PVC products.

Do I really need to take the plastic off of my vinyl?

If you don’t take it out at some point, it will shrink and change the shape of your record covers. You can do what you want with your records. You can leave it on or take it off.

How do you keep records from getting warped?

If you take good care of your records, they won’t warp. The best way to keep them safe is to stand them up in their original sleeves and jackets and cover them with the protective poly cover. If you don’t have enough room for storage racks that stand up, you can store them flat; just don’t pile them too high.

Is it OK to lay vinyl records down?

Records should never be kept horizontally or flat. As you’ll see, archival record boxes are made so that documents can stand up straight inside of them. Putting too much pressure on the records at the bottom of a stack to keep them flat can hurt them.

What causes my records to get bent?

Vinyl that is bent can be caused by cats, heat, or not being stored well. If your favorite song is on a warped record, it may sound shaky. Luckily, broken records are easy to fix, so you can quickly get back to rocking and rolling.

Should I continue to seal my vinyl?

Unless you store sealed vinyl records wrong, usually nothing bad will happen to them. Record storage is very important to vinyl fans. If you don’t take care of vinyl records properly, they can warp, change color, and get damaged in the grooves.

Should records be kept without their sleeves?

As you suggested for single jackets, I would put the records behind the cover and make sure the shelf it was on wasn’t completely full so that the jacket wouldn’t get crushed over time. You could also put them inside the jacket. I think the most important change is to stop putting too many albums on a shelf.

What kind of inner sleeves work best?

Polyethylene, the safest material for inner sleeves, keeps your most valuable records from getting damaged by static electricity. When paper and polyethylene are used together, they make it harder to scratch and collect dust. They also make it easier for the record to slide in and out without damaging the surface.

What are vinyl sleeves made of?

Record sleeves can be made from paper, cardboard, rice paper, polypropylene, and many other things. It could also have a lining, not have acid, or not attract static (polylined). A record sleeve can be filled all the way to the top, or it can have a hole in the middle that can be cut out so that the label can be seen without taking the record out of the sleeve.

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