Is it healthy to have a window behind the computer monitor?

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Is it healthy to have a window behind the computer monitor?

If you have direct sunlight or bright lights behind your screen, it can be hard on your eyes and be uncomfortable to use a computer. If you can’t change the angle of the monitor, close the window curtains or turn the lights on/off.

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When a window is right behind your computer, a lot of light comes in and makes it hard to see. If you sit with the window behind you, the sun will shine on your screen and make a glare that will give you a headache.

Even being tied to your computer is a waste of time. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says that you only need to use a computer for two hours a day to start having these symptoms (NIOSH).

As I rearrange my desk, I have a question about where something should go. My current workspace is in front of a window that gets a lot of light (6+ hours a day) and has a computer and monitors. I thought the view outside would be nice. You can also put a desk along a free wall that is not next to a window.

I would lean it against a wall if I were you. When I tried to do something similar, the sun was a bigger problem than I thought it would be. If your devices are out in the sun long enough, the sun will cook them, get in your eyes, and make your monitors look bad. But the answer depends on the person.

I thought it made more sense than the two other positions I had taken. I can’t stand the glare on my monitor, so putting a bright light source behind it makes it much easier for me to see what’s on the screen.

Is it smart to put a window behind your computer monitor?

Both positions are undesirable. When a window is right behind your computer, a lot of light comes in and makes it hard to see. If you sit with the window behind you, the sun will shine on your screen and make a glare that will give you a headache.

Is it okay to put a computer right next to a window?

Rain is the only thing you should worry about (if you did not close the windows overnight or went to school or work). Even if there is a little more dust, everything should be fine as long as you keep your system clean.

Where should a window go on a monitor?

Your eyes should be pointed at a spot on the screen that is 5 to 10 cm below the top edge of the monitor. 17 to 18 degrees below eye level is a good angle for the middle of the screen. Our eyes can see more below the horizontal point than above it, so this is the best place to stand to get the best view.

Should you stare at your computer screen?

Height and Distance: To see the display well, you shouldn’t have to tilt your head or bend your neck forward. Put your monitor at least 20 inches in front of you. As a general rule, the monitor should be about as far away from you as your arm can reach.

Is it a good idea to work near a window?

Even on a cloudy day, the sun is brighter than your computer screen. This makes it hard to see the screen and gives you headaches and eye strain. Because of this, having a window in front of your home office desk can make you less productive. The view from your window can be interesting, but it can also make you lose focus or daydream.

Should my monitor have a light behind it?

By putting a light behind the screen, you can work or watch TV for longer periods of time without any negative effects. This makes the space brighter overall and makes it easier on the eyes. Another benefit is that the contrast of the screen will be better.

Should I put my computer on the floor or on a desk?

Most geeks will tell you not to put a desktop computer on the floor because airflow and dust can cause the computer to overheat.

Should the light come from the side or the front of the computer?

If you want to avoid glare, don’t put the task light behind you, where it will shine directly on the screen. The best place is either right above the desk or on top of it. It should be on the same side as your other papers.

What is the best setting for a monitor?

In terms of placement, your screen should be between 30 degrees above and below your line of sight. The idea behind this range is that when we are relaxed, our eyes tend to look straight ahead and down.

Is it safe to sit this close to the computer screen?

Wachler says that sitting too close to your computer screen and holding a digital device closer to your eyes than you would a book or newspaper are also risks. “This makes it harder than usual to concentrate on small font sizes,” he says.

How far should you be from your computer screen?

Place your computer screen between 16 and 30 inches (40 and 76 centimeters) away from your eyes, with your eyes level with or just below the top.

Does it help to tilt your screen?

Your monitor should be slightly raised. It shouldn’t be tilted down unless it’s absolutely necessary to cut down on glare from lights above or if your monitor is too high and can’t be moved. If the screen is tilted too far back, glare from light coming from above could be a problem.

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