Is it better to have PC on desk or floor?

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Is it better to have PC on desk or floor?

Most geeks will tell you not to put a desktop computer on the floor because airflow and dust can cause the computer to overheat.

The only big problem with putting it on the floor is that carpeting and dust would make it hard to get enough airflow. It’s fine as long as the wood is clean and strong. To get 3–4 inches of air under the chassis, it would be better to have some kind of platform.

I can put the case on a monitor stand that I have. Even though it is 18 inches long, the case is only 14.5 inches long. Is it possible to be off by 2 inches on both sides and not have a problem? Even though it’s rude to put the computer on the floor, I can’t put it on the desk because I don’t trust myself.

On it, I don’t have a long enough desk to put my PC, and there will be a lot more dust on the floor because it is closer to the wall and gets warmer under or next to the desk. Oh, and if you’re going to put it on the floor, find something like a wooden board to put it on.

Putting it behind your desk, on the other hand, will make it run hotter, require more dusting, and make it more likely that you will spill something on it. But because it is lower than your desk, you are less likely to accidentally knock it over, and you have more space to work.

If you have a big desktop computer but a small workspace, you might be tempted to put your computer on the floor next to or under your desk. Don’t do that, please. This is especially true if you have a carpeted room where you work. It’s terrible. How? Why? Please let me explain for a moment.

If you put your computer on a hard surface, dust could build up on it and get into your computer. Dust will get into your computer no matter where you put it, but putting your desktop PC on the floor is the most likely way for dust to get in.

If you put the PC tower under the desk, it is safer and takes up less space. If you put it on the desk, you or a moving pet could hit it, which could cause it to fall and break.

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