How can I make my desk better?

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How can I make my desk better?

Putting down a rug with a colorful and unique design is another quick way to make your home office look better. In addition to making the area look better, it may also keep the office chair wheels from damaging the floor. Choose carpets with smooth, flat surfaces that are easy to vacuum and clean, like low-pile rugs.

Feedback that’s good “This size works well for my desk at work. It’s right next to my computer screen. You can choose between two speeds. I’ve used both, but the lower one gives me more air. It’s powerful and quiet enough that I don’t have to turn it off when I’m meeting with a client.” M. C. Willis,

Feedback that’s good “This bottle is wonderful. I needed to step up my game because I wasn’t drinking enough water and I’m a total fitness addict. It took a gallon and 16 ounces of liquid each time I used it today. Perfect for me in every way!” —Elina

What do you have at your desk all the time? One could make a short list of things like pencils, highlighters, agendas, and sticky notes. So, you shouldn’t have to get up every ten minutes to get to those products. Everything that isn’t important will work better if it’s hidden. Keep the rest on your desk in a box or drawer. The point is for them to disappear. Fantastic! You have just set up your desk in a useful way.

What message does it send to you? Do you think it’s a good place to get ideas, make plans, stay focused, and reach your goals? Your workplace has a much bigger effect on how productive you are than you might think.

Even though a clean work area won’t save you time, it will help you get more done because you’ll know where everything is and be less likely to be distracted by what you see.

Whether you work from home or in a shared office, your desk usually shows who you are and how you like to do things. Some places of work are clean and free of clutter. Others are bright and very different. The cubicles are so messy that it’s hard to imagine anyone working in them.

Depending on your needs and preferences, a pair of headphones can cost anywhere from $12 to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but they are useful when working from a distance. Even a cheap pair of headphones with a microphone built in (for $50 or less) is a great investment because it makes your voice sound better during video chats.

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