How can I hide my TV cords in the living room?

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How can I hide my TV cords in the living room?

Keep them hidden. The cables and wires should be stuck to the wall in patterns and designs using clear cable clips, double-sided tape, or any other type of glue. All of the wires will be visible, but they won’t be a bother to look at. Instead, they will be the focus of attention.

Because you like electronics, do you have a lot of cords everywhere? With so many wires in a modern home, it can be hard to hide TV cords, cords for other important appliances, and wires for the TV. Before you decide to give up all technology, take a look at the ways you can manage your cables. You can buy or do it yourself to hide or cover up every cable you can see and make your home more organized for good.

It might look strange wherever you put your network or modem, but especially on your bookcases. Use the creative router cover from Etsy seller Covobox to bookend your home library. To make your own version, use colorful scrap fabric and hot glue to cover the spine, front, and back of a binder that is big enough to hold your router. The router wires can be hidden along the length of the wall behind the furniture by putting the binder between some books on a desk, end table, or shelf. VoilĂ ! A classic part that helps keep cords from getting tangled up.

Maddock says that fabric walls are great for a full movie theater or a TV media wall. Cables and LED lighting can be completely hidden, along with speakers and acoustic treatment panels. These don’t look good, but they help cut down on echoes and reverberations. The fabric must be natural, breathable, and let sound through.

Most of us find it hard to find good-looking ways to hide computer wires, HDMI connections, Wi-Fi routers, and gadget chargers. This is more important than ever for people like me who work from their homes. We’ve put together a list of great ways to hide TV wires and other electronic clutter, from simple hacks to keep cords organized to more complicated ways to hide wires. Warning: you don’t have to be an electrician to hide TV wires the right way! Before you go to Home Depot or Amazon to buy everything you need for your home improvement project, read our tutorial on how to hide your cables at work and at home.

If your TV is mounted, how can you hide the cords?

Plug it into a power source. One of the most common ways to hide wires on a TV that is mounted on the wall is to put them in the wall right behind the TV.

Can the power cord for the TV be hidden behind a wall?

There are two places to hide TV wires: on the wall or behind the wall. The easiest way to hide wires on the surface of a wall is to put them in a raceway, which is just a shallow channel that mounts directly to the wall.

How can a TV that is mounted on the wall be cool?

Neutral wall colors like white, off-white, and gray usually look good with TVs. If you want to hide your TV a little, you could paint your walls a dark color like black or put up a colorful gallery wall around it.

How can a TV cord get behind drywall?

Make holes in the ground with a Fish Stick. Grab the wires with the fish stick and pull them through the gap between the walls. If the wall is insulated, the fish stick can help guide the wires and cords through. Push the fish stick up from the low voltage box at the bottom and out of the low voltage box at the top.

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