Does Ace Hardware do key copies?

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A November 2018 analysis of prices at dealerships across the United States by an independent group found that discounts of up to 60% can be had. The estimated costs and savings are based on the total cost of the key, which includes programming and finding ways to save money. How much of a discount you get depends on the key and where you are. Keys must be bought from Ace Hardware in order to be cut or programmed. **Only in-store items at participating locations, and services must be asked for at least an hour before the store closes when a trained employee is there.

Someone took your spare key. Have you recently moved in with someone new? We can help you make a new key for any reason. All common keys can be copied. There are many different shapes and patterns of blanks to choose from. We now sell rubber covers and key chains so that you’ll want to keep your new key with you. We offer prices that are much lower than what a dealership would charge, and we can keep you from having to change the locks on your home or car.

(Answer: Yes, as was already said in the article, customers of Ace Hardware can get car keys. Customers at Ace Hardware can ask for a replacement key or a copy, and the store’s experts will give them the key they want in a matter of minutes.

However, Ace Hardware does generate keys. In addition to selling keys and key accessories and offering key cutting services, Ace Hardware also has locksmith services and can make duplicates of both house and car keys.

Because of this, professionals at Ace Hardware can make copies of different FOBs and auto chip car keys, as well as a wide range of common house keys, mailbox keys, and other keys for complex locks. Ace Hardware will probably be able to make a copy of any kind of key you need.

Can you make copies of keys at Ace Hardware?

We can make a copy of any common key, and there are a number of blanks to choose from, all of which look different. We now sell rubber covers and key chains to make your new key something you’ll want to carry around.

Can Ace Hardware copy a key that says “do not copy”?

In reality, there is no official “do not duplicate” key policy, and the “do not duplicate” written on many company keys is just a suggestion. A locksmith can easily make copies of these keys, even though large hardware stores like Ace Hardware may not be willing to do so.

What does a copy of a key cost?

The cheapest prices are at hardware and home improvement stores, while duplicating chipped keys can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000. Materials and technical know-how affect how much it costs to copy a key.

How much does it cost to use Ace to program keys?

In my area, only Ace Hardware and car dealerships can make copies of car keys and fobs. Ace won’t take your own blank key or unprogrammed fob. Instead, they will charge you $100 to make a copy and program the key and fob.

Does AutoZone have the ability to make duplicate keys?

We cut keys for a wide range of vehicles, including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, and more, and you don’t need an appointment. Before you leave the store, the cuts are digitally checked and the keys are made exactly the same. So why worry about having only one car key when AutoZone can help?

Will Home Depot still copy keys that say “do not copy”?

A: Yes, your local Home Depot should be able to cut this key for you. You would just have to line up the shape of your key with the shape you see when you look down the key, which is the shape with the bends and wiggles. Also, they should be able to cut it to size for you.

Can Home Depot make another copy of any key?

Home Depot can make copies of almost any kind of key. The US Postal Service is in charge of Post Office Box keys, so Home Depot can’t make copies of those.

Can Home Depot make a copy of a key I bring in?

Home Depot does make copies of keys for most house locks, padlocks, and even cars. They also cut keys and have self-service key kiosks where you can make copies quickly without the help of a Home Depot employee.

How much does it cost at Walmart to make a copy of a key?

Duplicating keys at Walmart costs anywhere from $2 to $12, depending on the type of key you want to copy and the type of key you want to copy it with.

Does Lowe’s have the ability to make duplicate keys?

Customers can use the kiosks to make a backup set of keys right away at their local Lowe’s and save the original set safely in the cloud. The new kiosks can make copies of both keys with transponder chips and keys without them.

How fast can you make a copy of a key?

A trained locksmith can make a copy of a standard key quickly and correctly, but it can take up to 25 minutes to make a copy of a more complicated key.

Do Walgreens’ own keys come from there?

No, none of the Walgreens stores make keys, and the same goes for making copies of keys. Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware all offer key-related services, but Walgreens does not.

How do you use the KeyMe kiosk?

At a KeyMe kiosk, you physically scan your key to make it work. Then, you can decide whether to keep the scan or have a copy made. If you want to save key scans for later use, you should first download the KeyMe app to your phone and make a profile.

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