Can You Calculate the Cost of a Basic Kitchen Remodel?

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Sultana Luxury Linens - Turkish Hand Towels (Set of 4) | 100% Cotton | Eco-Friendly | Quick Dry | Hand, Tea, Kitchen, Hair, Spa, Face, Bath, Dish | Decorative Bathroom Towel | Peshkirs (Black)One of the methods to increase the value of your house is to conduct a kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodeling is meant to improve both comfort and beauty of the kitchen, which is a center of activity at home. There is an issue, though. Not all people know the cost of a basic kitchen remodel.

The project indeed costs some money. Have no worries. It would be one of your best investments! Some people spend more than others as they want to get the best result. The complexity varies and the project may require a lot of work sometimes. Once again, you can hope spectacular results from it!Ceiling Light Fixtures, VICNIE 14 inch 20W 1400 Lumens LED Flush Mount, Dimmable 3000K Warm White, Brush Nickel Finished, ETL Listed for Kitchen, Hallway, Bedroom, Stairways

The Cost

There is no exact cost of the kitchen remodel. However, you can find out the average cost of it. It depends on how complex the project is. For a basic remodel project, the cost is usually affordable and cheap. So, let’s talk more about it here.

According to some experts, the average cost of a basic kitchen remodel is around $25,000. It can be said that you need to spend about $150 per square foot. For better features and more complex project, you may spend around $37,000 instead. The cost can be as cheaper as $13,000 if you get discounts.

Another way to reduce the cost of the project is to pick a lower materials quality. Also, the cost depends on the total size of the kitchen space. It depends on whether you need to change the room layout or not either.

A small project may cost as low as $10,000. For instance, you need to spend that amount of money on refacing cabinets, painting walls, installing a tile backsplash, and upgrading the sink.

The project can cost up to $30,000 on bigger projects like installing granite counters, hardwood floors, high-end appliances, and custom cabinets.TORCHSTAR Premium 6 Inch Slim Panel Downlight with J-Box, 13.5W Dimmable Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Light, 5000K Daylight, 850lm, ETL & Energy Star, 5-Year Warranty, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pack of 6

Find Your Reasons

As I said earlier, the cost of kitchen remodeling projects depends on many things. The bigger project indeed costs more money. One thing, each person may have a different purpose or reason. For example, the majority of people want to improve or add value to their kitchen by doing the project. They don’t mind spending lots of money on it.

The next common reason is to apply energy-efficient appliances to the kitchen. That means this type of person wants to improve the function and quality of their kitchen. However, the cost of the project is usually expensive. It is because the price of high-end appliances is high!

Regardless of your purpose, a kitchen remodeling project can also improve your kitchen’s workspace and storage. So, what is your motivation? What you need to consider is that the task is not easy. You need to hire an expert or professionals! Not to mention you should calculate the cost and make a plan first.XIPUDA 5-Light Kitchen Island Lighting, Industrial Pendant Light Fixture, Farmhouse Chandeliers, Pool Table Linear Ceiling Lights, Wood Metal Frame Hanging Light for Dinning Room


A kitchen serves as the center or heart of your home. It’s where the family prepares meals and gathers with others. No wonder, you need to pay attention to its comfort, quality, and beauty. As for the cost, it varies depending on many factors. These include the size of the kitchen, materials, choice of appliances, and others. Have you prepared the budget?Elegant Designs PR1000-ORB Home Collection 2 Light Kitchen Pot Rack with Downlights, 3.85Dish Drying Rack Over The Sink Kitchen Shelf Compact Stainless Steel Storage Rack (Sink Length ≤ 36.5 inch)Can You Calculate the Cost of a Basic Kitchen Remodel

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