Can we sleep in pooja room?

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Can we sleep in pooja room?

The direction of the house must be northeast. If you want to build a mandir in your bedroom, put it in the north-east corner. When you sleep, your feet shouldn’t be facing the pooja room.

Vastu says that you shouldn’t sleep in the pooja room, so making a pooja area in the bedroom should only be done if you have no other choice. If you have no other choice, put it in the bedroom’s northeast corner.

Vastu shastra does not say that you should have a temple in your bedroom. So you can relax, you have a bedroom. After a long day, you can go there to relax and feel free from all the outside world’s restrictions. On the other hand, the pooja chamber stands for the divine. When you go to a temple, you should treat it like God’s house and follow the rules.

When making a Pooja or prayer room, it’s important to keep in mind that it needs to be safe from “bad energy.” When you build a pooja room or prayer room in your home, it starts sending out good energy right away. But if the pooja room isn’t protected, the negative energy in your home starts to affect the positive energy and make it go down. So, you need to make some changes to make sure it sends out good energy throughout your home.

You shouldn’t put puja mandirs in your bedrooms. It’s not a good idea to sleep in a pooja room: Why Science Says So – Many people think that laying around with their feet pointed at religious idols is disrespectful to God, so this may make them feel bad. If you have no other choice, you could put a pooja mandir in the northeast corner of the bedroom.

Where should you put the mandir in your house? Which way should the statues of gods face? Here are some vastu tips for your pooja room that will help make sure your home is full of good things.

In addition to being a place to pray and meditate, your pooja room should be a pleasant place to be. According to vastu shastra, your home’s pooja room is a key part of bringing in and spreading happiness. But few people know what vastu is or how it works. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the most important pooja room vastu tips for your home. Keep on reading.

Can we sleep close to the place of worship?

Vastu says that you shouldn’t sleep in the pooja room, so making a pooja area in the bedroom should only be done if you have no other choice. If you have no other choice, put it in the bedroom’s northeast corner.

Could we stay in the temple room longer?

Yes, you can stay for free at the Golden Temple, but please keep your things safe.

Should the room for prayer be shut?

Science says that this is not a good way to boost worship on purpose.

Also, it says that the doors don’t need to be open as long as worship is going on.

It is said that the doors of the puja room can be closed with devotional care soon after the puja is done.

Can we sleep in God’s presence?

No! God can’t handle something like that. This is because if God is facing north, then those who follow him will be facing south.

Can I put pictures of God on my wall?

Portraits of priests, gods, or other religious leaders shouldn’t be hung in bedrooms because that’s where we sleep, eat, and do other private things. when putting something on the wall. On the southwest wall of the bedroom, you can always hang pictures of your family.

What color should a room for prayer be?

Yellow is linked to the sun and means strength, hope, and happiness. People think of it as holy and mysterious. It makes the pooja room feel more peaceful. Yellow is a great color for the pooja room because it is neither too bright nor too dark.

How should the bed be set up according to Vastu?

Vastu for the home: Vastu Direction for Bed Always put the bed up against the southwest wall of the room. The door shouldn’t open outward. Vastu says that people should sleep with their heads to the south, southeast, or southwest.

Can a window be left open in the pooja room?

The windows make it possible for energy to flow and change all the time. It also lets the sun’s healthy rays through during the middle of the day. It could help the Puja Room’s Vastu. If you want to get the most out of your windows, put them on the north or east side.

In the pooja room, what should be kept?

Make a small shelf near the temple to hold the five things that must be in the home’s pooja room: incense, puja supplies, flowers, lamps, and holy books. Keep trash cans and the area under the temple clear of things you don’t need. No one should put anything on top of the idols.

Where shouldn’t we try to sleep?

If you want to sleep well, vastu shastra says that your head should be facing south. Facing north to south is the worst way to be.

Does the second floor have a pooja room?

It shouldn’t be put in the basement, on the first level, or on the ground floor. Vastu says that a puja room can’t be above, below, or near a kitchen or bathroom.

It is possible to have two mandirs at home.

No place of worship can have more than two statues or pictures of Ganesha. If not, it would be bad luck. There may be two different pictures of the same God in the home.

If Diya trips and falls, what will happen?

No, if an earthen light falls and breaks, nothing bad will happen. Nothing is wrong. Cheers!

After the morning pooja, can I go to sleep?

Brahma Muhurta shouldn’t be drunk with meals because it can make you sick. Don’t do hard mental tasks because they will hurt your brain and could even shorten your life. Don’t sleep after Brahma Muhurta if you want to keep the cosmic energy you gained and be more creative.

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