Can we keep 2 mandir at home?

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Can we keep 2 mandir at home?

No place of worship can have more than two statues or pictures of Ganesha. If not, it would be bad luck. There may be two different pictures of the same God in the home.

According to the real principles of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, all homes, whether they face north, east, west, or south, are equally lucky as long as they are built according to Vastu Shastra’s architectural rules.

Jayshree Dhamani, an expert in Vastu Shastra and astrology, says that Jupiter rules the north-east direction, which is also called “Ishan kona.” So, the direction of God/Jupiter is the same as the direction of the home temple. So, it makes sense to keep the temple there. Also, the tilt of the earth is mostly north-east, and it moves in that direction. So, this corner is like the locomotive engine, which moves the whole train forward. Dhamani says that the direction a mandir faces in a home is the same, in that it draws all the energy there toward it before pushing it away. Mandir direction in vastu says that a temple in the Brahmasthan, which is the center of the home, is also lucky and can bring the people who live there wealth and good health.

Pooja room Vastu says that no God or Goddess idols in a home should be taller than nine inches. You shouldn’t keep angry or war-related pictures of God in your home temple. Keep all of your holy sculptures in a quiet, blessed place to bring in good energy.

No matter how different they look, you shouldn’t have more than two idols of the same God in your home temple. If you must keep both, use one as an idol and the other as a picture, but never use two idols that look the same.

In Indian Hindu homes, the puja mandir is an important part. It’s a place where you can make big changes to how your home feels. Because of this, it is important to think about some important parts of the mandir in the home.

Indian homes aren’t complete without a puja mandir because it is common for people to do puja every day. Puja mandirs are getting more attention from everyone these days. To worship God, puja mandaps (temples) are built inside of homes. They also built a temple with a bigger building for housing. In the puja room, you must follow Vaastu.

Can I have two statues of Lakshmi at home?

It is thought to be bad luck to have more than two pictures or statues of Ganesha in a home. The mysterious trio of Saraswati, Laxmi, and Durga can stay with you. On the other hand, having three statues of the same goddess can bring trouble and bad luck to your home.

Can we have statues of a greater God in our houses?

Images of God or Goddess shouldn’t be hung on the north or south walls. Home idols shouldn’t be taller than 3 inches. Idols shouldn’t be put next to each other, and statues that are damaged or broken should be taken away. The best things to use are marble or wood.

Can a mandir be put in a room’s corner?

You can put the mandir in your living room or your kitchen, but it must face northeast. 16. Putting a mandir in the bedroom is not a good idea. If you have to, put it in the northeast corner of the bedroom.

Can the mandir be put near where people go to the bathroom?

Vastu says that a puja room can’t be above, below, or near a kitchen or bathroom.

Can I keep three statues of Ganesh in my house?

Only one exists. Even though Ganesha statues are beautiful, they should only be kept in the home. Even though it’s a matter of personal taste, Vastu says that you should only have one Ganpati murti. Mythology says that having two or more idols upsets Ridhi Sidhi and cancels out their power.

It is okay for the Radha Krishna statue to be kept in the pooja room.

How should the Radha Krishna Pital Murti be put in the house so that it brings the most good luck? Vaastu says that the front of the Puja Room or Mandir should face northeast. Because of this, it is safe to keep any idol facing this way.

Can you keep three Ganesh statues together?

There shouldn’t be more than two idols or pictures of Ganesha at the place where people worship. In any other situation, it would not be good. There may be two different images of the same god in the dwelling.

What kinds of god statues can’t be kept at home?

When you worship at home, you should also stay away from the Shani Dev idol. They should always pray outside in front of temples. Shani Dev’s idol should not be kept in the house. Having a Rahu-Ketu idol in the house is bad luck.

Can there be more than one idol of the same God in the pooja room?

Large murtis or statues of gods are not allowed in the house, even in the prayer room. For puja, only art should be kept.

What kind of mandir does a home need?

Vastu Shastra says that a temple made of wood is lucky and seen as more spiritual. Sheesham Wood (Rosewood), on the other hand, is said to be lucky for home temples, while other types of wood are not.

Can we build a temple right in front of the main door?

A vastu expert says that it’s not a good idea to put the puja room right in front of the front door. If you have to, put a curtain in front of the temple when it isn’t being used.

Can a mandir be hung up on a wall?

Even though it would be nice to have a separate pooja room, this is not always possible in big cities due to lack of space. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a small corner mandir or a mandir that is attached to the wall.

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