Can a key be made for a file cabinet?

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Can a key be made for a file cabinet?

A skilled locksmith can make a key to open a filing cabinet by hand. We can also fix desk or filing cabinet locks that are broken or have been lost. These locks haven’t been used in a long time, don’t work right, or are gone altogether. No need to worry!

A professional locksmith can make you a new key if the manufacturer can’t or if you can’t wait the time it takes for them to make you one. Even if the locksmith doesn’t have the key template they need to make a new key, they may be able to make the existing key work (if it hasn’t been lost) or pick the lock so you can get into the filing cabinet.

Instead of telling you to do something drastic that could damage your file cabinet, a professional locksmith can give you a new key for your file cabinet. Buying a new filing cabinet would cost more than doing this. Don’t be afraid to tell them what they need to know.

If replacement keys are hard to find, call a lock key replacement service or a locksmith for help (for instance, the manufacturer no longer ships your part, the item is out of stock, or you have a custom file cabinet and lock). Give the store or locksmith your information to find out if they can make you a key or have the right kind of replacement key. If the vendor or locksmith can’t give you new keys or doesn’t have a key template to make new ones, ask if they offer on-site services to make a key that fits the lock or pick locks to get to files or other things that are stored. If you need new keys for a cabinet in an office or school, you should call the main office or the support unit in charge of maintenance and repairs.

There may be replacement keys for Master Lock padlocks. Your key number will be important to know. The original keys are marked with the key number. If a Master Lock distributor knows the key number, they can get a copy cut key from Master Lock directly.

Most brands of lateral and vertical filing cabinets can get new keys from us.

These keys for the file cabinet were made just for me.

We sell all the big names.

If you give us the code, we probably already have the key to your filing cabinet on hand.

Please read what’s below.

Can you get a key for your file cabinet if you lose it?

If you lose the key to your vertical or lateral file cabinet, it’s easy to get a new one. Most of the time, the support from the cabinet maker is enough, but it may take a while. It might be too much to ask you to wait for a new key for weeks.

Where can I get a key to a file cabinet?

There are easy and quick ways to get new keys for file cabinets from Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Hirsh, and Lorell.

Can the Home Depot make a key for a file cabinet?

Home Depot can also make skeleton keys for older locks and keys for padlocks and cabinet locks.

Does the same key open every file cabinet?

First of all, most of the locks on desks and filing cabinets are “factory” locks that are often supplied by the company that makes the furniture. Most of the time, the manufacturer only gives you a limited number of ways to use the keys. Some companies only make twenty different kinds of keys.

Even without the original, a locksmith can make a key.

If you lose your key, a locksmith can make you a new one because they know how to make keys by hand. With a blank, a file, and the skills they’ve gained over time, a locksmith can make a key from scratch without using the original key.

How do you get into a file cabinet if you don’t have the key?

Start by straightening a paperclip but leaving one end bent. This will help you pick the lock on your filing cabinet. Then, slide the curved end of the paperclip into the keyhole while holding it vertically and pressing down on the inner pins.

Does Ace Hardware make keys?

We can help you make a new key for any reason. All common keys can be copied. There are many different shapes and patterns of blanks to choose from. We now sell rubber covers and key chains so that you’ll want to keep your new key with you.

How much does it cost for Home Depot to make keys?

The copy will be made quickly by the person at the business who cuts keys. Home Depot is another place where customers can buy the key blank. Most key blanks cost anywhere from $1 to $3. When people buy key blanks at Home Depot, the service of cutting the keys is free.

Can you get keys made at Walmart?

Yes, people can make their own copies of keys at Walmart by using an existing key.

Why should file cabinets be locked when they are not being used?

Lockable filing cabinets help to keep competitors out of consumer information, business operations and procedures, and product designs and ideas. You can keep information out of the hands of people who don’t have access to the storage facility by using filing cabinets with locks.

How do locksmiths make keys when they don’t have a copy?

A locksmith can make a key from the shape of a lock without having to open the lock first. For a trained locksmith, this way of making a new key can work. The lock is opened with a blank key. When the pins hit the key, they will leave marks where cuts need to be made.

Can a locksmith change the lock on a filing cabinet?

For a file cabinet lock replacement, you have to open the cabinet, which is a safe job for a locksmith. Also, locksmiths may suggest rekeying the lock instead of replacing it instead of buying a new one.

How can a lock on a drawer be broken?

To open the latch, turn the pins of the lock with a paperclip. Let the parallel paperclip move along with the internal parts as they press on the lock cylinder. While you look for the key, open the drawer and leave it slightly ajar.

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