Which facing house is not good?

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Which facing house is not good?

Most buyers look for homes that face east because they believe it will bring them luck and money. People believe that Lord Yama, the God of Death, lives in the dakshina, or south direction. Because of this, homes that face south are often seen as unlucky and get a bad name.

People who want to buy a home for themselves don’t usually choose a house that faces south. These doubts come from the rumors and false ideas that are spread about it. Today, the well-known vastu expert Mr. Pinaki Pal will show us the real facts and good things about houses that face south.

One of the most-Googled Vastu questions is, “How do I fix a house that faces south?” People ask me this question all the time, and they always do so with a scared grimace. People usually believe that living in a home that faces south will only bring bad luck. This idea comes from mythology, where it is said that Lord Yama, the God of Death, grew from the dakshin, or Southern dominion, of the earth. And since it comes from a myth, the idea that homes with southern exposure are bad is just that—a myth.

Most people follow Vastu rules when buying a house or site or looking for one. The direction of the house, the main door, and the location are the most important things to think about. Somehow, people have a bad impression of homes that face south. But this is a common way to get things wrong. Even though most people avoid homes that face south, it is still possible to get lucky with one. Based on Vastu principles, a home that faces south can attract good luck and energy. Vastu Shastra says that a house or location that faces south can be very lucky if certain Vastu rules are followed correctly.

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know what the Vastu solution is for a South-facing house or if it’s a good idea to buy a South-facing house. No matter what the reason, there are some important things you should know about Vastu.

Most people take Vastu Shastra principles into account when building a home or buying a new property, no matter if they are good luck or not. People often believe that homes that face west are less lucky than those that face north or east. Homes with doors that face east or north are better than those with doors that face west.

Homes that face north usually get most of their direct sunlight in the back of the house. Because of this, a house that faces north may stay cooler in the summer than one that faces south. In places where it gets hot in the summer, cooling costs could be lower for homes that face north.

What is wrong with the house?

Homes with doors that face east or north are better than those with doors that face west. Vastu Shastra, on the other hand, says that all homes are good, and there is no such thing as a home facing west that isn’t as good as a home facing north or east.

What is the best direction for a house?

North-east is thought to be the best vastu direction for a house.

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Is it lucky for a house to face west?

You may have heard that having the west or north side of your house facing is bad, brings bad luck, etc. But just like any other home, a home that faces west can be made lucky by following Vastu rules. Vastu Shastra doesn’t say anything about the west being a bad direction.

Is it okay for a house to face south?

People believe that Lord Yama, the God of Death, lives in the dakshina, or south direction. Because of this, homes that face south are often seen as unlucky and get a bad name. In reality, the Vastu shastra does not say whether a direction is good or bad.

Why is it bad for a home to have a yard that faces west?

“Homes that face west feel the sun’s heat for a longer time than those that face east. The heat stays in these all day. A Vastu consultant in Indore named Lakshmi Chauhan says that heat damage happens more quickly to doors and windows that face west than to those that face other directions.

What makes the home feel good?

Sunlight and fresh air at home can help you feel good. So, when you wake up in the morning, leave the windows open for a few minutes. The rules of Vastu say that there shouldn’t be any dark spots in a house. Make sure there is enough artificial light wherever there isn’t enough natural light.

Which is the best way to get into an apartment?

From a vaastu point of view, apartments that face south are always thought to be bad. The best entrance directions, which are said to bring luck and happiness, are east and north-east. The main entrance to your apartment should be in the north-east corner, facing either the north or east wall.

Vastu says that which face is the most beautiful?

According to vastu, the north-east corner of a home is the best place to be. This spot has the most energy because it gets the most sun in the morning. North: Entry door vastu says that a north entrance is the second-best option.

Why is it better to live in a house that faces south?

The main benefit of a home or garden that faces south is that it will get more sunlight. A south-facing garden takes advantage of the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Because of this, the south side of any building, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, gets the most sunlight during the day.

Why do Tamils like homes that look south?

People in south Tamil Nadu like to live in homes that face south because it is hot there and southerly winds blow from the south.

Is it better to enter from the south?

On a vastu layout for a house that faces south, entrances to the left of the center point are also often best. You can’t, though, build an entrance to the south that is to the right of the wall’s center. The vastu for the south entrance says that doing so is bad luck.

Is an entrance that faces west better?

According to vastu, the seventh, eighth, and ninth padas should never be used for the entrance of a west-facing house because they are thought to hold the energy of the devil.

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