What should you not keep in your bedroom?

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What should you not keep in your bedroom?

If you really want to make your bedroom as warm as possible, you shouldn’t have a cell phone that rings and buzzes all the time. Aside from the constant influence of social media, cell phones may be bad for your health. Even though there isn’t much proof, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has called the RF frequency that cell phones give off a “possible human carcinogen.” Even though it hasn’t been proven, it can’t hurt to stop using your phone at night. Also, HuffPost research shows that the blue light from cell phones can stimulate our brains when they should be shutting down for sleep. It can also stop our bodies from making melatonin, which can make it hard to predict when we will fall asleep. (Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t bring your phone into the bathroom.)

Electronic devices include things like laptops, phones, tablets, and TVs. Scientists worry about the blue light that all of us give off. During the day, this light makes you happier and more alert. But at night, it can mess up your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. They say to stay away from screens for two to three hours before going to bed. Electronics that give off light should never be in the bedroom, even though some people might find that hard to believe.

The main reason people take their shoes off before entering a home is to keep the place clean. Because our shoes have dirt and germs on them, your nice carpet could get dirty. But since many homes don’t have a shoe rack outside, people often leave their shoes by the front door or even in their bedrooms. The best thing to do is just take your shoes off outside the door and put them where you’re supposed to.

5. Decorate instead of storing things. Your bedroom is the only room in your house where you can sleep and hang out with people. It is not meant to be a place to store things or do work. Make the bedroom a place where you can relax and feel calm. With a few simple touches, like paintings, beautiful carpets and drapes, quiet wallpaper, and relaxing light fixtures, you can make your bedroom cozy and good for sleeping and romance. On a shelf, you should only put picture frames, piggy banks, and teddy bears. There are clothes, hats, and shoes hanging in the closet. Having things you don’t need in your room can be a distraction.

We all like how light, white curtains move when the wind blows, but they don’t belong in the bedroom. Since the bedroom needs to be dark, heavier drapes are needed. Your circadian rhythm can be messed up by light pollution from LED street lights and nearby homes, which can be bad for your health. Make it look like you’re always in a hotel by using blackout curtains.

Isn’t it nice to read in bed?

A group of books Even though books are great, you shouldn’t keep them in your room. Books are good for your mind, but they shouldn’t be in a place where you relax. Instead, move the books to a more active (yang) part of your house and fill your bedroom with things that make you feel calm (yin).

Why is having a TV in the bedroom bad?

Backlight glare bothers your eyes even during the day, but it’s much worse at night. Eye strain, headaches, migraines, and a condition called computer vision syndrome can be caused by watching TV in the dark (visual difficulties caused by excessive screen time).

How should a bed be set up?

Placement in bed In general, your bed shouldn’t be right in front of the door, and the foot of your bed shouldn’t face the door. The head of your bed should be against a wall and not share a wall (on either side) with a device or the bathroom.

The head of the bed could face the door.

Never put a bed so that it faces a door. Feng shui experts say it’s bad luck to sleep with a door in front of you, whether it’s the door to your main bedroom or the door to your balcony. This is because the door will “pull” your energy away from you while you’re sleeping.

Where in your bedroom is the wealth zone?

When you open your bedroom door, look to the far left corner to find the riches corner. You can draw attention to the room’s wealth with a living green houseplant, a small running water fountain, and purple decorations or furniture.

Where should you put books?

The Wisdom part of your home, which is the far left corner closest to the front door on the bagua map, is where you should keep your books, according to traditional thinking.

How far away from your bed should your TV be?

In general, your 1080p TV should be two to three times as far away from you as its screen size. For example, if your TV screen is 42 inches and has a resolution of 42 inches, it should be 84 inches away from your bed or other viewing position.

Is it okay for my teenager to have a TV in his or her room?

“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents take TVs out of their kids’ bedrooms. Even though this was suggested, more than two-thirds of the people in our sample had a TV in their bedroom, which seems to be a factor in less-than-ideal behavior “says Ph.D. Daheia Barr-Anderson.

Can you move the TV to the side of the bed?

Pediatricians say that kids shouldn’t watch more than two hours of TV a day and that watching TV right before bed can make it hard to sleep. It will also be harder to keep track of everything they see. If you do let them have a TV in their room, make sure you get a safe way to hang it on the wall.

Are there places for beds near windows?

According to Feng Shui, you shouldn’t put your bed near a window because this is where energy is supposed to leave the room. If you put a bed in the way of these energies, you might have a bad night’s sleep and not be able to build a Feng Shui bedroom that brings good luck.

Putting a bed near a window is a good idea.

Why putting a bed near a window is a good idea By putting a bed towards the window wall, more space can be generated in the room. If you put the bed in front of a window, you can partially block any bad views outside. When some people wake up, they enjoy the natural light that comes in through the window.

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