Is using a zoom background unprofessional?

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You’re not thinking about your background at all. If you can, close a door and let the other people in your space know when you’ll be on a call. Zoom lets you use a virtual background if you need to.

If you don’t usually sit in a gaming chair, it might feel weird and uncomfortable at first. If you’re used to sitting in an office chair, you might need some time to get used to the new gaming chair.

Thanks to Covid-19, we’ve been working from home for about six months, and our days are now full of Zoom meetings. We’ve even seen news reporters and political candidates campaign from their own homes. We have looked into a lot of people’s homes and apartments because of this.

If you want your background to send a subtle message, make sure it doesn’t try too hard to sell, brag, or impress. Putting a copy of your latest book in a strategic place (or a whole bookshelf full of your books), making a collage of your diplomas, or doing anything else to try to show off is the same as bragging in a face-to-face meeting. Don’t be tempted to brag or sell yourself by talking about your past. It won’t say what you want it to say. Branding your background is a good idea. Just be honest and focus on others so you don’t come off as a narcissist.

You can have some (professional) fun with a green screen, but try to keep it realistic. For example, use it to create the office of your dreams instead of the space station, or just use it as a background so you can briefly live in a home that isn’t full of your kids’ toys. Need some help getting started?

No one should (or should not) expect you to keep your background completely clean and free of distractions during your calls, especially if you have kids at home. Still, try your hardest here. If you can, close a door and let the other people in your space know when you’ll be on a call. Zoom lets you use a virtual background if you need to.

In my LinkedIn Learning course, “Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity,” I talk about how to look your best in video meetings. One of the students asked me about virtual backgrounds, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about it.

Zoom is a video conferencing program that is becoming more and more popular with companies that let their employees work from home or in a hybrid setting. One way that employers often use Zoom is to interview potential employees from a distance. If you are getting ready for a Zoom interview, you might find it interesting to know that you can use a virtual background for your call. In this article, we explain what Zoom backgrounds are, why you might want to use one, and how you can use them when interviewing with potential employers.

When you are on Zoom with the interviewer, the background is what they see behind you. When you’re interviewing, you can just use a natural background in your home or office. But Zoom also lets you use a virtual background when you make a call. In the app, you can use one of the backgrounds that are already there, or you can use any image you want.

Something about the word “home” makes people do it… Either the novelty of seeing inside each other’s homes hasn’t worn off yet, or they feel like it would be rude not to acknowledge a family member who just showed up. It’s like how you wouldn’t have to say hi to every coworker who walks by your desk, but if someone’s spouse showed up, you might feel more compelled to say hi.

My dog will sometimes paw at me, but he’s a perfect angel if I let him sit on my lap when he does. I’ll do everything I can to hide him, but as soon as someone sees an ear, they can’t help but look. At first, I thought I was being unprofessional, but it turned out that people liked seeing a fluffy dog on the screen in the middle of the day. I saw “bring out the animals.”

I’ve been to a few zoom meetings for a big group of volunteers. One of the high mucky mucks always has an organization logo on a blue background as a virtual background. The right thing to say.

We’ve seen a lot of Zoom meetings, either because we’ve been in them or because we’ve talked to colleagues about them or watched experts talk about them on national TV. Let’s be honest: there have been some strange places out there.

No matter why you want to use Zoom, you can choose to have a virtual background or not, and there are so many to choose from that there is definitely something for every situation.

Since filters are getting more and more popular on social media, we thought it would be a good idea to make something similar on this platform. It was a no-brainer that we should be able to use a virtual background.

On the other end of the spectrum, most users have said that they don’t have a virtual background because it can make them look unprofessional. This is also very true when the Tiger King shows up at the meeting without being invited.

One of the most common questions I’m getting from clients and coworkers right now is whether or not they should use virtual backgrounds on sales calls with their teams, clients, and at events.

As you make your Zoom interview background, look at it very carefully to make sure it says what you want it to say. What does it say about you besides the fact that it’s clean and professional? You like Star Wars a lot? What are your favorite and most important causes? You have children?

Not sure what Room Rater is? What started as a Twitter account in April 2020 and was made by Claude Taylor and Jessie Bahrey has become a cultural touchstone in the world of remote work. Claude, Jessie, and Room Rater have become storytellers in the modern world of work. They evaluate people’s backgrounds on virtual calls using a sometimes loose set of criteria (we’ll talk more about this later), and they tell stories about what our backgrounds can tell us about us.

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