Is it OK to keep laptop in sunlight?

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Is it OK to keep laptop in sunlight?

Sit down in the shade. Direct sunlight can damage screens, especially older LCD screens, through UV radiation as well as through heat. You should avoid long exposure, but short exposure is fine. Also, glare from screens in bright sunlight may make your eyes hurt even more.

We do know that, unlike UV light, which is well known to be dangerous, the effects of blue light from indoor sources on skin are still being studied (skin aging and cancer). It can cause hyperpigmentation and aging before its time, but other problems, such as the dosage that causes problems, have been fixed since before we had to stay in our homes.

Even though you can use a laptop while sitting in the sun, there are things you can do to keep it from getting too hot or getting broken. You should also do the following things to enjoy your time outside more as a whole.

Depending on the type of panel on your monitor, the results will be different. But it is not a good idea to leave a monitor in direct sunlight for a long time. When plastics are in the sun, they can become brittle and break apart. LCD monitors can only work in a certain range of temperatures, and too much heat could damage the screen. The monitor getting too hot from being in direct sunlight all day would be the biggest worry.

They are always in direct sunlight, which makes them hot, so my first thought is “yes, a little bit,” but I can’t be sure. When I’m not using my laptop, it’s easy to move it out of the sun, but it would be hard to take the monitor out of its desk mount every time. It would be best if I didn’t have to close the curtains all day. We really value all honest points of view and suggestions.

Will it hurt my computer if I leave it out in the sun? My room isn’t big enough for me to put it anywhere else. It is right next to the window, so if I leave the curtains open, it will get direct sunlight. I think this will have long-term effects. Have you thought of anything?

The sun usually causes a little extra wear and tear, but it would only fade the color and not affect how well or how long the system works. It will make the temperature go up, but if your temperatures are normal, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

The stage crew told me to set up near the front of the stage so that the next band could set up their drums behind me. When I was setting up, it was foggy, so I didn’t think about where to stand. As soon as I started my set, the sun came out in full force. The metal knobs on my controller got hot to the touch, and the computer slowed down. As I motioned for the stage crew to move my table, the laptop died and the music I was playing stopped working.

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